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DRAWING BASICS  Spring & Summer 2019
Get ready to see, think and sketch like an artist.  Ever notice the delicate patterns on sea shells?  You'll learn to observe  such subtleties as you learn to draw; to acquire the basic knowledge to make creative decisions; and mark making techniques to  translate your vision on to paper.

Supplies to start with...
... 18 x 24, 30 or 40 lb. pad of paper for experimenting
… another 18 x 24 pad  of 60 or 80lb. paper for finished drawings
...a kneaded eraser and a white vinyl eraser
… 6B, 4B, 2B, HB, 2H and 4H graphite pencils                                                                    ​

​Supplies to grow into...
...graphite sticks or woodless pencils for a wider variety of mark making
… medium tooth sandpaper for pointing pencils and making graphite powder


Take the intimidation and stress out of  drawing people!  Utilizing live models, attention will be given to observing and applying knowledge of various human  landmarks and  the  canons of proportion  in order to build your confidence to  tackle convincing portrait or figure drawings.

Supplies to start with... 
...bring the  supplies for Basic Drawing listed above, especially 18 x 24  paper - as it's easier to draw big figures accurately than small figures
Supplies to  grow with ...
… options for expanding your personal style and  creativity include: vine and       compressed charcoal sticks in a variety of values - keep in mind that      compressed charcoal does  not erase as thoroughly as vine
… compressed earth or flesh toned chalk sticks -General​'s 4 pkg is nice, and      works wonders on  toned paper such as Strathmore Tone Tan or Toned Gray     pads  18 x 24 pads available on line, 11 x 14 available locally
KIA Kirk Newman Student Info

Supply Vendors​

Hobby Lobby and Michael's carry these drawing tools in sets and individually; but only stock Toned Tan and Toned Gray  in 11 x 14 pads. 

Online Vendors
For wider selection of materials

Dick Blick or Utrecht Art Supplies  www.blick.com

Jerry's Artarama